4 Steps Advert Copy Formula


4 Critical Steps To Writing An Advert Copy That Sells!





When you’re finding it hard to sell a product or service, it’s probably not because of the product or service in question, the price of the product or service, the niche or marketplace the product or service falls into, and so forth…


It’s most probably a problem of how you structure, present and offer the product or service to your prospects…


This is BECAUSE a great product or service offer can sell a poor or weak advertising copy, but a great advertising copy you write can NOT sell a poor or weak product or service offer.


As a matter of fact, you actually have just 3 seconds or even less to present your product or service to your prospects and win their hearts…


Waste an additional second…and they’re gone!


So, how do you capture your prospects attentions and draw them in to your product or service offer in just 3 seconds?!


I’m going to talk about that in a moment…




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The 4 critical paths to a successful advertising copy



Now, whenever you publish or present an advert marketing your product or service, you ideally and systematically have 4 steps to follow, thus:


1. The first and main headline: the brief description or definition of your product or service


2. The hook, lead statement, or the second or sub headline: the more elaborate definition of what your product or service entails


3. The marketing arguments: the arguments for and/or against why your prospects should consider your product or service over that of your competitors


4. The product or service offer: the presentation of your product or service for sale, its price points, how to get it, terms of purchase, payment patterns, etc.



How the human psychological mind reacts to your advert copy



When a prospect sees your advertising copy in the systematic steps as above, psychologically, there’s a pattern your prospects follow – as human as we are – in reading up a marketing copy of this kind.


About half of them who are interested in your product or service would first go straight down from your first and main headline to your PSes (your post scripts), those itemized points you state at the close of your advertising copy…


If they’re more moved, they’d then go up to read your second headline or lead statement.


It’s from there that they’d then go back to read your actual and main headline again!


Sounds funny? 🙂




But that’s how the human psychology acts when they’re reading up a marketing or advertising copy.


Having known this secret…your task is now to work in line with that rare psychology…


You should structure your advert copy to take care of how people read up your advert…


…making sure they grab what you want them to grab in just 3 seconds or less…or else, they simply go away!



Now, what do you do to grab your prospects attentions in just 3 seconds?!



That’s where we’d start looking into in the next lesson – tomorrow!


Watch out!



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Lesson 2 title is: constructing a perfect main headline & sub-headline


Lesson 3 title is: proving the effectiveness of your solution to your prospects with sound evidences, undisputed facts and concrete proofs


Lesson 4 title is: advanced offer presentation techniques


Lesson 5 title is: recap & feedback



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