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Hey Friend.


Have you heard of the word “populace” or “masses”?


What of the word “crowd”?


What’s your understanding of those words?


I’ll tell you what they all stand for in relation to our topic of discussion in a moment.


Now let me ask you this, “Do you watch TV commercials, or probably listen to the radio, or some programs on TV, or even, read newspapers…?


If you do, you’ll most perfectly understand some points that I’m going to expose you to in the course of this discussion.


You see, likened to the masses or populace of people moving around in the society, with different thoughts, uncommon backgrounds, different interests, different hopes, different aspirations, etc…


…just in that exact manner is the way you look at those that most newbie marketers, and even the traditional media (that’s the TV houses, radios, newspaper, etc.), channel their programs and adverts to.


You’d see people paying heavily to advertise their products or services via these media on countless number of times…


…but one question to ask is, “does everyone seeing these adverts have interest in them?


Obviously, NO!


Like for instance, what do you say of a grandpa watching the TV, or listening to the radio all alone by himself…


…and then seeing or hearing the adverts of baby diapers?!


Sounds awkward, right…?




Or, let’s take my case as an example…


You see, I don’t really like watching movies…


…sounds weird, kind of?


Yeah, that’s it.


So, to know where I am, you should go beyond the movies.


Now, if perhaps, you want to sell a product or service to people like me who don’t watch movies, or, who at most times might not even be in front of the TV…


…and you continue to spend heavily on TV adverts, don’t you think that’d be a somewhat “bad” advert spending?!


Now, this brings us to the term, “crowd”.


Unlike the “masses” or the “populace”, a “crowd” of people have a common interest, desire, goal, aspirations, and what the heck.


Wherever you find this one person, you’re most likely to find the other there.


Just like selling sports kits to people who go for sports on weekends…


…you’d most likely find them all at their place of common interests, and most probably sell to them so easily.


This aspect is where the internet marketing differs from the traditional mediums of marketing.


Traditional marketing lacks targeting, but online/internet marketing does.


So, to get started with attracting the right traffic to your business, product or service, the first question to ask and check out for is, “are they my right audience?


Now, there’s one point to note here…


You must first check out, find out and confirm that there’s an adequate amount or sizeable number of “crowd” or “right audience” in any form of business, product or service that you want to undertake…


…before ever setting out to start dealing or trading in such products or services.


The first step in business operations is your appropriate target audience (with some specific problems worth solving – actually).


That’s your very first step.


Getting it right that whatever you produce, there’s a population of people that’d readily buy it.


Not until you get that right and set it in place that should you then move on to start building your solution (of products or services) for them.


So, how do you find out whom exactly is fit to be called one of your target audience…?


Let me now give you some hints about that…



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