Gary Halbert’s Simple but Brilliant Way to Get Huge Credibility and Trust for Your Personality and Business



The late legendary copywriter, great Gary Halbert once wrote an ad… [image below…]





Not only is the copy superb, the secret behind how the ad was used to bring Gary credibility was as well genius.  


You can see the ad was written as an advertorial – an ad intended to model the look and feel of an editorial content.


It’s a strategy known for getting far greater readership than the traditional ads.


Gary was known for running lots of ads like these in newspapers.


And doing this served a dual purpose for him:


(1) Of course, he’s doing this to generate sales.


(2) He also wants to gain an instant trust and credibility. (But not like you think, though…)


How Gary used this strategy to achieve the second purpose of gaining credibility and trust is what I want you to understand and take note of.


First…notice how the ad was written from a third-party perspective.


It was written as if a reporter did the research and was now sharing this story about Gary.


Second…notice how the ad refers to Gary as a “Direct Mail Genius” and “the best advertising copywriter who ever lived”.


This, of course, is to give Gary credibility in the ad.


But that’s not the only reason.


Gary ran his ads in tons of different newspapers…including, national publications like the New York Times and others.


So, of course, after running an ad like this in say… the NY Times… Gary could leverage that credibility in future ads by saying things like…


“According to a recent issue of the New York Times, Gary Halbert is a Direct Mail Genius… and is referred to as the best advertising copywriter who ever lived.”


It is true, right?


In this example, those words were published in the NY Times.


Granted, they were published within Gary’s own ad about himself…but they were published nonetheless.


So Gary could quote it.


Simple, but brilliant, right?  


This same strategy is used today online.


And here’s a simple, fast way you can do it:


(1) Write a news release about you, your business, or your product or service.


(2) Pay some news or media houses to publish your news release.


(3) You could as well pay to distribute the news release for you to their syndicated newswire list. It costs about $250 (around #90,000).


(4) Your news release will get picked-up automatically by lots of news sites, search engines, bloggers and journalists. Most will be local news agencies and organizations. But a handful will be partners of major news sites.


(5) Quote your news release on your site, in your marketing, etc. – as shared by one of the credible news agencies or organizations who picked it up.


And see how your audience instantly trust and believe everything about you and your business!


It’s that simple.


It’s that easy.


It’s done all the time. 


And it’s a rinse and repeat process that you can always do all the time. 



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