How to Psychologically Design Your Customer ORDER FORMS for Ease of Conversions



The order form is your moment of truth.


It’s the moment when you require responses that determine your business growth from your prospects, leads, and customers.


Will your reader find it worthy of sparing some time to read it?


Will he or she act on your product or service offer?


To enable this, you have to make your order form user-friendly.


Make it as easy as possible to fill out and order your product or service.


The mistake people make in crafting order forms is to require too much information from the reader.


Many order forms (both on the Internet and that arrive in the mail) look like they were designed by the legal department or the accounting office, certainly not the marketing people.


Ask your audience for the absolute bare minimum of information you need to process the order.


Your order form should not frighten or turn off your reader.


It should not look tedious, or be a chore to fill out.


Order forms should look like order forms.


All the information should appear exactly where your reader will expect to find it — not hidden somewhere, etc.


Make sure your customer can easily find out how much to write out a cheque for and who to write the cheque to – if in mail…and how much to expect to be deducted from their credit cards – if online.


The money section is the most important section in the form.


The money section is of intense interest to your reader.


Make the money section easy to find, easy to read, and crystal clear.


A good order form should include a headline that waves a flag at the reader concerning what the offer is about.


The lead sentence, the P.S., and the reply form are the places the reader looks first.


Of those who answer your letter, half will never read the entire letter.


They will make their decision to buy based on the first line, the P.S., and what they see on the order form.


Order forms should contain all the action steps you want your reader to take.



Make it super easy to buy



Make it as easy as possible for your reader to order your product or service.


In all your physical mailings for instance, where you want an order or response of some kind, you should use a postage-paid reply envelope, for instance, a reply envelope with stamps already affixed.


You never want your reader to put your letter aside because he or she does not have a stamp readily at hand, or because the order form is not clearly understandable.


Make it extremely easy for people to buy.


Include an option to pay by credit card, by phone, or online, by bank transfer, by ATM transfer, etc.


Be sure to include a toll-free 0800 number (if possible)…and the web address for an online order form on all major components of your mailing (if you’re selling offline).


Be sure your 0800 number and the URL for your online order form are easy to find.


No matter what component of your advert package your readers are reading, a way to order easily and instantly should be staring them in the face and prominently displayed.



Keep it simple and clear



The instant your reader is confused by your presentation is the instant he or she will tune out.


Complexity is the enemy of sales.


In fact, complexity is the enemy of communication.


Sell just one thing.


Ask for one decision, not many decisions with lots of options.


Make your instructions clear, direct, and easy to follow.


Simple, clear sentences.


Simple, clear action steps.


Simple, clear order form.


Simple, clear headlines.


Simple, clear reasons.



… and watch how your conversions will scale up so easily! 



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