How to Effectively and Efficiently Use the TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING MEDIA to Acquire More Leads and Customers to Your Business



You no longer need to buy large expensive display ads in newspapers, magazines, billboards, on the TV, radio, or in sponsoring events.


All you need to do is drive people to call your business hotline or to go to your website to order and download their free special report, free book, free guide – or whatever it is you are offering for free.


Your sales representative or website then does all the selling.


You can take as much time you need to sell your prospect.


Your website can be as extensive as necessary.


Once you have an email address, a postal address, and a phone number, you can take days, weeks, months, or even years to inform, educate, coax, and cajole your prospect automatically and robotically with the marketing system you’ve set up on your website, email marketing system, or mailing system.


Your prospects will be poured into the top of your marketing funnel, which is designed to sift, sort, and categorize your prospects and customers.


Your prospects (leads) will then start receiving your auto-response emails, your monthly newsletter, invitations to events, and whatever else you can think up.


The possibilities are endless.


But the beauty is, once your lead enters the top of your marketing funnel, it costs you almost nothing to keep putting him or her through your education-based marketing program.


You are no longer limited to 60 seconds (radio or TV ad) to make your entire sales pitch and close a sale.


You are not limited by the size of a page in a newspaper or magazine.


You are not limited by the space and style formats offered by event owners.


You don’t need to spend huge sums of money to make a long infomercial (TV or video ad).


And you are no longer limited by your meager advertising budget…because you no longer need a big advertising budget to do any of this kind of precision, laser-like, automated target marketing.


All you need are small, even tiny, print ads with headlines compelling enough to cause people to call your business hotline, or go to your website, to get their free special report, free guide, or free book.


Radio can be cheap advertising tool also.


Radio can be very cost-effective for the right products and services – those that will appeal to a broad consumer audience, not so much to a narrow, highly targeted audience.


Radio is more of a broadcast tool, designed to reach a wide audience.


“Narrow-casting” tools works best.


I prefer to advertise exactly where my prospects (and no one else) are looking.


If I want to catch fish, I go to where the fish are.


And I go to where the fish are concentrated most densely.


I want to go fishing in a barrel packed with fish, not the ocean.


I definitely don’t want to fish in the desert.


Direct mail and the Internet are “narrow-casting” marketing tools.


So are the classified ads because of the way they are organized.


Advertising in specialty magazines designed exactly for the audience you are trying to reach is also a good bet.


If you’re selling guitars, try advertising in a guitar magazine with one of your short banner ads with a headline that says something like “11 Things You Must Know Before You Buy A Guitar”.


If you’re selling examination solutions and strategies to assimilate well, run the same kind of ad in one or more publications of popular schools and institutions of learning.


If you offer insurance or pension programs aimed at some working class citizens, their trade magazines or journals would be a good place to test your ad.


With these tools and strategies, you can fish where the fish are.


The point is, you can now make your ads small and cheap because you no longer need to rely on big ads in traditional media to do all your selling.


You just need an ad big enough for a headline, a headline so intriguing that your readers will have to call your business hotline or visit your website to find out the rest of the story.


The great marketing guru, Benjamin Hart talked of one of ads that ran during a Super Bowl event.


The ad featured an enormous-chested woman in a tight T-shirt with the phrase “” emblazoned across her chest.


And that was about it.


The ad did not say what the service was.


But it was attention-getting.


He went immediately to his computer to find out what the company was selling.


He couldn’t get into the site – probably, everyone else watching the Super Bowl went to the site too.


Later turns out the company provides Internet marketing tools, including domain name registration, an online website building toll, a merchant account service, and most tools and services needed by people who market on the Internet.


That ad was certainly successful for


They understood how to use the traditional advertising media to effectively and efficiently run an ad.


Its purpose was to get people to go their website, to then entice them to give them their email addresses by offering them free stuff.


GoDaddy’s plan worked on people. understands Internet marketing.




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