These few points will make People to INSTANTLY RELATE with your Brand



Marketing is all about psychology … studying human behavior.


When marketing to people, you need to talk to all their sense organs … their senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.


To make them appreciate and value your brand, you have to present your brand in a way it’ll talk to all these sense organs present in them.


Sight, probably being the most developed sense in humans, followed by hearing.


So, how do you make your brand attractive to these two major sense organs?


It has to relate and deal with all that has to do with texts and images in your brand identity.


I’m talking of your overall business idea, your products/services idea(s), your business name, your products/services name, your website domain name, your social media profile name, your website icon, your website logo, your social media icon/logo/profile picture, your social media header image, the total outlook of your business website, the total outlook of your business’ social media channels, the organization of your business, and so forth.


Firstly, you need a business idea that perfectly solves some problem for some people.


Then, you need to come up with ideas and then design products/services that specifically attend to certain problem points for some noted population.


These products/services must be tailored in its entirety to perfectly alienate some problems some category of people are facing, and looking to get solved.


Now, you as well come up with a business name, product/service name, etc., that perfectly relate to the problem-solving idea that you have in mind to use to solve the problem you noticed in your target audience.


Then, to acquire qualified customers and clients (online), you’d have to use a domain name, as well as some social media profile name that’d most perfectly relate to what problem-solver that you’re coming up with.


Your website icon, your website logo, your social media icon, logo, and profile picture, your social media header image, and all the media images relating to the online or social outlook of your business should perfectly have to resonate with the idea that you’re selling.


What about the total design and outlook of your online platforms, like your website and your social media channels…?


Yep. They both as well are meant to portray an outlook and design that best showcase what your business is all about.


The best thing is that prospects and customers don’t have to start guessing what your business is all about, they should get to know that right upon landing on your business online platforms.


Confused minds don’t stay longer.


When you design and present your brand’s online presence in a way that it best resonates with what they’re looking for in terms of products or services, then be rest assured that you’ll most likely keep them for long on your website, etc.


And more time on your website most probably result to mean more conversions, and most likely more profit and more money.


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