Here’s EXACTLY HOW to make your Prospects pay your Advertising Costs!



The common List-Building Method told to newbies Internet Marketers by the so-called “Guru Bloggers/Internet Marketers” comes in the format below:


  • Set up your blog/website
  • Build or develop an “opt-in bribe/lead magnet” (a free PDF guide, cheat sheet, video, etc., that’s being presented to website’s visitors in exchange for their email addresses, etc.)
  • Get your website connected to an email marketing service
  • Design an opt-in form and place it on your website
  • Finally, send traffic to your website


Now, if you ask these so-called “Gurus”, “do I need to send free traffic or paid traffic?”, they might answer you, “just get traffic anyhow!


But from real life occurrences, we all know that to get high and even targeted and quality traffic to your website, you JUST have to PAY for it!


The question now comes, “how do I then recover my traffic expenses?


The simple uncommon way the Big IM (Internet Marketing) Guys do this is by creating what we call, a Sound and Perfectly Crafted “Customer-Acquisition Marketing Funnel” for your business.


This means setting up or putting in place a complete set of Automated Business Operations aimed at capturing the right customers for your products or services, and making sure to systematically drill them through your business operations, so that you make some forecasted or targeted profits at the back-end of the entire business.


For this kind of operation, you might not even need any so-called “opt-in bribe” or “lead magnet” that some “Gurus” are teaching you.


What you need for capturing qualified leads and prospects who would then become customers by ultimately buying your products or services is setting up A Highly Converting Business Funnel which consist of the following steps:


  • Create some awesome problem-solving product(s) or service(s).
  • Get some good source of quality traffic like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords that would give you prospects or leads that would be highly interested in your particular product or service offer.
  • Then, design great highly converting landing pages – landing pages that’d stick leads and prospects up till they buy and become customers.
  • As a beginner, you might want to first present a probably low-priced offer of product or service so that all those interested in your business won’t leave without buying for reason of huge price points.
  • Then you might want to later on present some products or services with higher price points so that those who took advantage of your first offer can then upgrade to some higher level product(s) or service(s).
  • As you move up the ladder, you might want to at one time or the other presents some low-priced product(s) or service(s) as add-ons or subordinates to the high-priced product(s) or service(s) that you’ve earlier sold.
  • Then to keep customers glued to you, you would need some adequate feedback process in place to know how customers feel about the products or services they’ve just bought.
  • So, also as some means of re-marketing to those leads and prospects who failed to take advantage of previous offers that you made to them.


The above steps and many more are what you need to include in a business funnel that converts well to give you good returns on your advertising investments.


Yet, with the funnel scientifically put in pace, you’d be able to easily recoup your spending on advertising, so that you can be able to reinvest such recouped money as well as some part of profits (if any) into some more adverts for more conversions, more profits, and more money.


There you are!


Start making awesome turnovers!


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