How to Use ELECTRONIC SEMINARS to Turn More of Your Business Leads and Customers into Long Lasting Buyers



Given the latest advancements in technology, you can now have video or audio conferences on the web (webinars) to train your leads and customers or to market your products or services, etc.


These were impossible a few years ago, but now anyone can afford these powerful marketing tools.


These tools mean you no longer need to pay for an expensive conference room or a hotel to hold a seminar or a conference.


Nor will the participants need to travel long distances, or expend huge costs on travelling welfare, etc.


Everyone can participate from the comfort of his or her office or home.


Your seminar or conference can include a few people or even up to thousands of people.


These electronically conducted conferences or seminars can be used to:


  1. Introduce a new product or service.


  1. Share (valuable) information.


  1. Build relationship with your prospects and customers.


  1. Reward your best customers by giving them a way to participate as an “insider” in a special level program, etc.


If you’ve categorized your customers for ease of marketing, you can then have electronic conferences for various levels of your customers; for example, one for your “Starter Members”, another for your “Intermediate Members”, and another for your “Advanced Members”, etc.


Your reasons for holding an electronic conference or seminar are limited only by your imaginations.


Some could be free.


Some you charge for.


It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.


Is it a friendly event where you share some valuable information for free?


Is the purpose to sell a product or service?


Or, is the electronic seminar itself the product? – For example, part of some expensive coaching program for certain category of your leads or customers?


You can charge whatever you like, from $1 to $10 to $30 to $100 to $1,000.


Whether you charge or not, and what you charge, depends entirely on what your purpose is and who the audience is – which is no different from all your other marketing efforts.


The same principles apply in all marketing.


Just the tools change.


The webinar or web conference, etc., are just some of the newest and most potent arrows in the marketer’s quiver that fit perfectly with the philosophy of “sell-by-educating-and-informing” – a method that ensures you more conversions and sales.


Some of the tools you can use to simply get these tasks done are Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.


The electronic conference can be conducted in a way that everyone participates, or you can have just a few designated participants where everyone else is muted and can only listen.


You’ll have to have designated speakers if you have hundreds or thousands of participants in the conference or seminar.


You should not start off with a large electronic conference at first.


Start small with just a few people and get used to this medium.


As with any performance, you need to rehearse your act before you hit the big stage.


When you promote your electronic conference, you’ll do it exactly as you do all your marketing, following the procedures below:


  1. You’ll want to use an attention-getting headline for your electronic conference or seminar (e.g., “Thirteen Ways to Double the Sales and Conversion Rates of Your Business This Year”).


  1. You’ll need to tell people when it is, how long it will be, and how to access the conference.


  1. You’ll want to emphasize that this is a “By Invitation Only” conference.


  1. You’ll need to publicize the benefits participants will gain from the seminar (like, “you’ll learn how to automate your marketing so you will never need to work round the clock marketing your products or services again”).


  1. If your conference is selling something, you’ll want to offer an incentive for people to hear or watch the entire presentation (i.e., “you’ll want to stay on this seminar for the entire 60 minutes, because at the end, we’ll show you how to download your free book, How to Attract High Paying Clients and Customers”).


  1. When you begin the conference or seminar, and if you have a large group, you will need to mute participants on the line.


And you will need to explain why not everyone will be able to speak by saying something like, “because we have a sold-out seminar today with 105 participants, we are muting the line for everyone except the featured speakers in order to cut down on background noise so everyone can hear clearly, and because we have a lot of great material to cover in a short period of time.


We know how busy all of you are, so let’s get started. If you have questions or comments, please just email them to our support email. We’ll try to answer your questions as we go and as time allows.”


  1. As you would with a regular conference in a physical conference room, you will want to introduce yourself and the speakers.


And you will want to encourage all participants to take notes.


  1. You will likely want to close out your conference with a call to action of some kind.


If you were selling something, you would make the same kind of pitch you would in a marketing letter.


You would give your listeners:


  • Benefits to the buyer.


  • The offer.


  • Proof of your claims (i.e., testimonials, case studies, track record).


  • A super-charged guarantee.


  • A way to order.


  • Incentive to order right now, and not later.


  1. You then close out the conference by thanking everyone for participating and give everyone a way to get their free book (or other incentive reward) for staying on the seminar for the full-time.


If necessary, you apologize for not being able to cover every question emailed in, but promise to answer all emails after the conference.


The benefits of incorporating audio or video conferencing into your marketing plan are enormous.


Here are just a few:



  1. Your reach is now global, just like the world’s biggest corporations.



Using these tools, you can a wide range of global audience and break your geographical bounds. All thanks to the internet.


Although not everyone has a high-speed internet connection, but everyone can still participate.


It’s possible to offer participants a choice of watching a video, or listening to an audio – and it could even be recorded for those that can’t participate in real-time for them to access later on.



  1. Increases your visibility and credibility with your clients and prospects.



You will be perceived as a market leader and highly professional.


Those who conduct seminars and conferences are perceived as experts.



  1. It cements a relationship with your customers.



The more your customers see and hear you, the more loyal to you they will be.


If your presentation is compelling, if the information you are sharing is valuable, you will develop a committed loyal following.



  1. It’s cheap.



You no longer need to travel to meet with your customers.


You no longer need to rent a conference room.


Everyone can participate from wherever they happen to be.



  1. Minimal logistics.



Conducting such an electronic conference requires far less logistics and complexity than a physical seminar at a location.


No hotel and travel reservations.


No need to serve food, refreshments, etc.


No name tags.



  1. You can replay it over and over.



You can upload the conference or seminar onto your website for repeat playing.


If you are in the seminar or information sharing business, you can charge a fee to give your customers access to an archived library of seminars.



 Here are some uses for the electronic conference or seminar:


  • You can use them to share valuable information that is of interest to your market;


  • You can use them to introduce a new product or service;


  • You can use them to conduct a class or seminar;


  • You can use them to showcase a book you’ve written;


  • You can use them to train salespeople and company personnel if they are dispersed geographically;


  • You can use them to conduct Q & A sessions with your customers and clients; and


  • You can use them to conduct a focus group to pilot test your marketing message.




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