How to use Testimonials Surveys Responses to set up and automate a “REFERRAL-BASED MARKETING STRATEGY” for your Business



Referred customers (from current clients and customers) are a great hit for any business.


This kind of referrals are already pre-sold since those who referred them – your current clients and customers – would have already told them how great your products or services are from their personal and individual experiences.


This would make your tasks to get those new referrals to convert to customers an almost completed exercise.


You’d now be able to easily make money on those referrals with little or no marketing efforts.


Making money from this kind of referrals would as well cost you little or no marketing or advertising costs…because they’re mostly brought in via word of mouths of your previous clients and customers…


…those whom they know are telling them about your business from an experience perspective…not necessarily because of some incentives or gifts.


These benefits are all even added to the fact that you’d already have instant credibility and trust with these new referrals – both qualities of which are very essential for smooth conversion of leads and prospects to customers – because of the channel through which they got to know about you and your business.


Now, how do you make your current clients and customers to easily share some good words about you and your business?


There are actually a number of ways to do this – like social sharing, affiliate programs, incentives prompts, and so forth.


But a cost-effective, grounded way, that’d even first of all make sure such current clients or customers come back to you when they need your products or services…


…before even making them unknown and unaware evangelists of your business to others close to them who may need your products or services is through…“Testimonials Acquisitions”.


But an easy, well-documented, and safe-for-record-purposes medium for getting these clients/customers feedbacks in the form of testimonials is to use…“Surveys”. 


Now, what you literally do is, after close of transactions with your clients or customers, be it with a product or a service…


…you then request that your client/customer gives you a feedback of their experience on doing business with you.


And to make some good marketable responses – responses worth using as proofs and testimonials in your next marketing and advertising campaigns – out of their feedbacks…


You can then guide such clients/customers on what to put down in such responses by developing and presenting to them some kind of set of survey questions…


The responses from those survey questions would represent some kind of clients/customers’ feedbacks on their experience with your products or services.


In such survey, you can ask questions like:


  1. Why did you choose to do business with us?


  1. Can you briefly describe your experience doing business with us?


  1. What benefits did you see as a result of doing business with us?


  1. How did we perform compared to other companies you’ve worked with who provide a similar service?


  1. Were we easy to work with?


  1. Do you think you will do business with us again?


  1. How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family who might need our services?



These are just a few suggestions of the kinds of questions you could ask.


You could tailor your questions to fit your particular type of business and situation.


As a live case study, I buy regularly from AliExpress, and after when you’ve bought from them, if you forgot to give a feedback on your purchase, you’ll always find a notification to that effect on your member’s area, till you finally comply and give a feedback.


A number of service companies that I’ve seen like classified ads sites like OLX,, etc., do this too…


And you should start doing this now in your business if you haven’t.


To collect the survey responses, you can use tools like Google Forms, Poll Daddy (in WordPress), Survey Monkey (my favourite, probably because of their mobile app that notifies me of new responses), Survey Gizmo, and so forth.


All of them work virtually the same.


And you can as well do this, even if you operate a fully offline business.


All you have to do is to print the survey questions on some quality (good looking) papers that might probably bear the logo, etc., of your business…


You can either give the surveys out to the clients/customers to quickly fill out themselves after their interactions and completed transactions with you, or you appoint a member of your staff to the tasks.


Whichever way, just make sure this is something that doesn’t take much of their time, as people could have extremely limited time to dispose for such kind of exercises.


Now, asides the fact that clients/customers who take the time to fill out such surveys are more likely to come back to do business with you…


…they are also the ones that are more likely to refer you to anyone close to them who might need your products or services.


And then, such responses also show you what is lacking in your business and that needs to get fixed up for better clients and customers experience in the near future.


And the testimonials like earlier mentioned would work in your next marketing and advertising campaigns when leads and prospects might want to see proofs of people who had earlier benefited from the solutions your business seeks to present.


A hit here is that, when you see someone answered your survey in a somewhat comprehensive, elaborate, and detailed manner, you could reach out to such client/customer, and ask them if they could do a brief video or audio testimonial for you.


Video or audio testimonials are much easy nowadays – they could easily be recorded with their smartphones and sent over to you via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, email attachments, etc.


You could as well request a video or audio chat/interview from them (via Skype, Google Hangout, WhatsApp video chat, Facebook messenger, etc.), and record them in a like manner.


You could even promise such client/customer some incentives like gifts, discounted prices on their next purchases, and so forth, so as to encourage them to probably easily give in to such requests.


So now, if there’s a new system you’re looking to put up in your business to start to increase and enhance your customer-acquisitions and customer-monetization rates…


…then, you’ll want to immediately put into place a proper feedback system in the form of great testimonials acquisitions.



Hope you found this post helpful? If you did find it useful, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.

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