Would you like me to give you a RELATIVE MARKETING PLAN to multiply the income of your business fast – for FREE?    





I’m happy to help you design a custom marketing plan for your specific kind of business…help you identify and attract your perfect target market of prospects…and show you how to have them coming to you, asking you to do business with them.   


This way, you’ll be able to get more business done…which would be equal to more profits and more money…without having to talk to “tire kickers” or unrealistic people who want to waste your time.


I offer this service because I am a consultant specializing exclusively in helping small businesses identify, attract, and secure more worthy prospects and leads…that’d equal to more sales…and more money. 


Actually, asides the fact that I already obtained a number of certifications and training from top institutions like Google, HubSpot Marketing, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), etc… that qualify me for this task…


I’ve also learned from a lot of the big guns in the internet marketing industry, like … Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Benjamin Hart, Jay Abraham, Frank Kern, Todd Brown, Ryan Lévesque (pronounced; La-VEK), André Chaperon, Eben Pagan (pen name; David DeAngelo), Ray Edwards, Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, and the list goes on and on…


Yet, I’ve myself being able to positively impact others with my training (both Business and Marketing).



Having said that…



There’s a good possibility your market has a large pocket of under-served luxury prospects and leads who would be very responsive to the marketing plan I’ll be giving you for free.


And if you find the plan I create for you valuable, you might want to become a client with me.


If this is case, my rates are easily affordable, highly competitive, but perfectly tailored towards your needs.


With that said, please understand that I am NOT offering you a “sales pitch in disguise.”


I promise not to pressure you or pester you in any way at all.


In fact, if you feel I’ve wasted even one second of your time, let me know and I’ll immediately send you airtime (of your choice network) to compensate you for the internet data you feel I might have wasted.


But before we go further, you need to know that I can’t help everyone.


I can only be of benefit to business owners:

+ who are willing and ready to take up their businesses as businesses, and NOT as a hobby!

+ whose lives, living, and sustenance depend entirely on the profitability of their businesses!

+ who are dead willing and ready to take up and act upon valuable and worthy guidance on making their businesses work!


If you’re one of the above…then…


Here’s what to do next:


Schedule a planning session with me by simply filling the form at the end of this page.


In the form, just tell me the #1 problem you’re facing marketing and promoting your business.


Once I have that information, I’ll do some market research for you and set up a time to go over it together.


Mostly, depending on the nature of your business, my research about your business might cover areas like:


+ Business, Product, or Service Model Setup

+ Traffic Generation Strategies

+ Leads Captivation System

+ Customers Acquisition System

+ Leads and Customers Re-targeting and Re-marketing Strategies

+ Customers Retention System

+ And so much more… 




Taofeeq is simply AMAZING!

I was planning an inter-house sports competition for my schools.

No matter what I do, no parents or outsiders were ready to sponsor any of the 4 competing houses.

I consulted with Taofeeq.

Taofeeq instructed me to double the fees, and as well gave me certain “value-adding” tricks.

Less than 24 hours, to my utmost surprise, 6 houses had been booked for already, instead of the initial regular 4 houses, and I was almost thinking of creating a 7th, 8th, 9th, and even a 10th house!…

Till Taofeeq further instructed me to stop at the initial regular 4 houses, and then convert the other sponsors to awardees…

After God, I owed the appreciation of the success of the event to Taofeeq!


– Araashi Abdullahi, CEO, Brainiac Group of Schools



Now, to better serve you …



Because this is an entirely free service – NO STRINGS ATTACHED! – I know how much you’d love to be part of this, and how much everyone else would want to take up the advantage of this offer…


Hence, I’ve decided to take up a maximum of just 5 businesses every single month…so that we have all the time to ourselves to iron out and discuss everything that’s worth touching…


…for their businesses to be able to constantly acquire and regularly monetize all the customers that are most worthy to them. 


Any moment I’ve got 5 businesses in any single month, others would have to wait till the following month.



Given that…



You have to understand that because of my time, and the limited resources at my disposal, I reserve the FULL rights to determine which business to work with and which to discard…


So, if I won’t be able to work with you or your business, I’ll let you know the reasons why not via the reply to the email you’ll send to me using the form below.


NOTE: That I usually reply emails via the “free consultation service” form below in at most 3 business days interval.



Are you ready?



Now, if you’re as excited as I am about giving you a workable marketing plan that’s going to make an instant boost to your business growth (and even so, for entirely FREE!), then, kindly fill the form below, and reserve a free marketing planning session with me:













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