If what you want is a quick & accurate work, then you’d find out that working with us at BOA would give you a cool, lasting memorable experience…





This is because at BOA, we’re not big, established, famous, or prestigious.


But because we’re small and new, we’re more flexible.


We’ll work harder for your business. Your hard-earned money will go a lot farther with us.


We’ll care more about you; and your work won’t be handled by an inexperienced junior staff.


You’ll be dealing everyday with the head of this company, who has more than 3 years’ experience in this direct response marketing industry.


The main reasons why Taofeeq Azeez, the founder of BOA established this service business is that he couldn’t hold an office job for long – he’d quickly get fired – which is why he had no choice but to go into business for himself.


The truth is, most successful entrepreneurs would be fired instantly from most jobs at big established companies…because they like doing things their own way.


They don’t have much patience for bureaucracy and meetings.


They have no time for office politics. They are men and women of action. They don’t wait for orders from headquarters.


They hear the gunfire and ride to the sound of the guns. They don’t wait for the committee to decide what needs to be done.


When the entrepreneur sees a problem, he/she tackles it, instantly.


The entrepreneur is not worried about covering his rear end. He just wants to get the job done, and done now.


Unfortunately, this is not a personality that is appreciated in most large corporate bureaucracies.


Corporate bureaucracies can’t act quickly, which is why they always hire consultants like us to do what needs to be done…because we can be easily fired.


And I don’t mind a bit. As a consultant, especially as a marketing consultant, my entire job is to solve a marketing problem and then get fired and move on to solve someone else’s marketing problem.


So, if this is a system that pleases and suites you and your business(es), then let’s work together.


Hence, below are the various ways I can help you and your business(es):



1. Business Model Setup:



These are the ideas behind great business, product and service design and setup strategies.


I can show you:


[+] ideas on how to set up a business model


[+] ideas on how to model a product


[+] ideas on how to model a service



2. Corporate Brand Designs:



These are the processes of designing unique brand images for your business that’d stand out of the competition in your marketplace.


I can help you:


[+] design corporate/brand items like icons, logos, business cards, stationery items, etc.


[+] design website media items like icons, logos, header images, videos, etc.


[+] design social networks media items like icons, logos, header images, advert images, videos, etc.



3. Operations Setup and Designs:



Designs of business website, social media channels setup, online payment processors, secure socket layers (SSL) certificates, etc.


I can help you:


[+] setup a business website or business app


[+] list your business on Google Search and Google Map


[+] optimize your website’s overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


[+] setup highly converting social media channels for your business


[+] setup online payment processors for your business


[+] setup secure socket layers (SSL) certificates for your website(s)



4. Promotions and Adverts Strategies:



These are business, product and service launch strategies, advertising strategies, email marketing, content marketing, etc.


Under this, I can help you:


[+] effectively launch your business, product, or service for maximum customer-acquisition and customer-monetization.


[+] efficient and effective business, product, or service marketing and advertising using various techniques as web, social, email, content (text, audio, video, etc.), and so forth.



5. Training and Consulting:



These are mediums to show you how to practically get things done for yourself. This is a kind of “Do-It-Yourself system.




[+] you’ll have an avenue to consult with us on how to effectively and efficiently setup and automate your business and marketing for maximum customer-acquisition and customer-monetization.


[+] you’ll have an opportunity to get to become an apprentice and let us practically take you by the hand and show you how the direct marketing business is done.


[+] we grant both intensive and extensive online, offline, and outdoor training on how to get it all done right with the direct response marketing techniques and others.



6. JVs, Partnerships, and Affiliate Programs:



This is how we partner with you for mutual business benefits.


With these programs:


[+] we enter into arrangements of joint ventures and partnerships with you, either for your business, products, or services, or for ours.


[+] we also give you avenues to promote our top-notch products and services to your worthy audience for a win-win-win relationship among you, your audience, and our company.







So now, for free and instant project evaluation and price quoting, kindly use the contact form below to give us a glimpse of what your project looks like, and we’d get in touch with you on how to go about it ASAP.



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