Some Simple but Advanced Strategies to Make Your Leads and Customers Buy Your Products or Services Now, and Not Later (Post 2 of 2)



In the first part of this post, I started to expose some strategies to use to make your leads and customers buy into your products or services instantly, while not waiting to buy later.


Let’s move on from there…



  1. Tell your audience specifically what they are going to get.



Your customers want to know exactly what they will be getting for their money.


Again, this is just more of the Claude Hopkins’ formula.


When you buy a car, you want the exact specifications, so that when you compare prices with other dealers, you know you are comparing apples to apples. 


When you buy a computer, you need to know the specifications:


How fast is it?


How much memory does it have?


How big is the screen?


How clear is the resolution?


Include all the information.


If the information is highly technical, such as with computers, you should include this on a separate insert, perhaps along with a beautiful and impressive photo of the computer you are selling.


Technical specifications make for boring ad copy, so the complete list should not be included in the advert copy, just the highlights.


But a complete list should be included somewhere.


If you are selling a seminar on tape, or a study-at-home course, you should include an impressive photo of all the materials that will be arriving in a box.


Your ad copy, your sales package, is like a show-and-tell presentation.


Provide all the information — if not all in the copy, then n separate inserts and enclosures.


Give your reader a lot of great material to study.



  1. Provide third-party testimony to the truth of your claims.



Anything you’re going to say as a salesman is going to be met with skepticism, no matter how compelling your story and your claims, no matter how exact the details you describe.


You need others — preferably famous and respected people — to confirm that what you are saying are true.


If you are selling a fix for muscle pain, you should have endorsements by top doctors — perhaps doctors who work for professional sports teams.


An endorsement of your muscle pain cure from the official team doctor of the country’s national team would be impressive.


But it’s also important for endorsements not to be just hype.


Endorsements are best if they are mini-stories — a mini-story on how the recognized expert discovered your product and then a fairly detailed description of exactly what your product achieved for him is an effective, believable testimonial.


The more testimonials you have, the better.


You can never have enough testimonials.


You can as well try to secure testimonials on audio and video and put them on your website.



  1. Tell your audience what bad things will happen if they fail to act now.



Your readers must be given good reasons to act now, not tomorrow.


People buy more out of impulse.


If your prospect puts your advert copy aside, thinking he or she will get to it later, your appeal is probably doomed.


Your reasons for them to act now, not tomorrow, must also be credible, not hype.


Check out the reason used in the copy below as an example:


The registration deadline for my Direct Response Marketer’s Boot Camp is September 23.


I’m limiting enrollment to just 24 people to ensure that each participant receives personal one-on-one coaching, which includes an analysis of your current direct marketing offers.


I am accepting enrollment applications in the order of their arrival.


The Boot Camps always fill up long before the deadline date.


So I encourage you to send me your application as soon as you possibly can.


To enroll immediately, you can also call me at 0800_______, or enroll online at:



Can you see how the reason I give for my reader to answer my letter immediately also restates some of the key benefits of the seminar?


In this case, it is the personal one-on-one coaching and analysis of the customer’s current direct marketing offers.


I might also mention that “This is the last time I’ve scheduled a Boot Camp in the area. I’m sure I’ll be back again, but maybe not for another couple of years.”


Suggesting to your reader that this is a “last chance” opportunity to do something or buy something is always strong.


“Last chance” arguments for acting now are a proven formula for success.


But, as with all your sales copy and presentations, the claim must be believable.


Avoid using shopworn phrases used by amateur writers like “Supplies are limited, so act now.”


Everyone knows you probably have a warehouse full of the junk.


Stronger reasons would be more credible, like for example:



We’re down to the last few books, and it could be many months before we go back up on press with another printing.


So I encourage you to get your order in today.


Calling our 0800______, or ordering online at is the surest and fastest way to secure your book.



This says almost same thing, but it’s far more precise.


The reasons are solid.


And there’s no hype — just good solid facts and reasons for acting now and not waiting until tomorrow.



  1. Rephrase the most prominent benefits in the closing and in other parts of the copy



Repeating your message is crucial in all successful marketing.


But don’t repeat the same words all the time or you will bore your reader.


Look for new, fresh ways to underscore what your offer is and what the benefits are.


This is where thought and creativity come in.


You do this in your lead.


You back up your claims in the body of your copy, in the enclosures and in the testimonials.


And you summarize your offer, restating the principal benefit in the P.S. or, and on the order form.


What you are offering, what you are selling, must be crystal clear in about three seconds.


Your reader must never need to search for what you are selling.



  1. Include a money-back guarantee



This is absolutely essential, because you are asking your reader, who may never have met you, to trust your claims and send you money.


And, as with everything else in your copy, you must make your guarantee believable.


Your reader must feel absolutely certain that this guarantee you are describing is real.


It must be unconditional, no questions asked.


The guarantee should be a stand-alone certificate, signed by the you, who is assuring them of the guarantee.


It should be nice and should look something like a stock certificate or a Federal Government savings bond.


It should look like an official document from the Federal Government Treasury.


It should look like it has real monetary value just by itself.


It should look something like money.


This will grab the attention of your reader and reassure your reader.


You might take your guarantee and assurance of satisfaction one step further, and say something like:


If you are ever having any problems with this product, please call me directly.


The direct line to my desk is _____. If you don’t reach me there, my cell phone number is _____.



And you might make this promise:


If you are unhappy in any way with my service, just write cancel on my invoice and mail it back to me. You’ll owe nothing for the month.





If you ever have a problem that we cannot fix within 24 hours, I’ll give you this month’s service for free. And you will continue to receive service free until we fix the problem to your satisfaction.



Always put the buyer in charge of the guarantee and the decision as to whether a refund is called for.



  1. Offer instant gratification.



In the 21st century, the age of high-speed Internet and overnight delivery, you must offer instant gratification.


People today are not patient.


They are not willing to “allow four-to six weeks for delivery.”


That’s like waiting until the next life.


Be sure always to include a toll-free phone number if possible (contact your service provider for this), or any other cheap or free means of instantly reaching you if need be…


…and also include a website order form so they can order immediately.


And offer an overnight delivery option.


So when your sales letter is mailed or your website order form is filled out, be sure you are ready to fulfill orders instantly.



There you are!



Enjoy a fruitful and seamless marketing and selling. 



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