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The legendary copywriter and advertiser, David Ogilvy said, “When you sell fire extinguishers, show the fire.


It goes without saying that no one of your leads and customers is ever interested in whatever it is that you sell…but only the outcome, the result, the honour, the prestige, the fame, the exclusivity, the power, the hope, the safety, etc., that they’d get out of the product or service that you’re selling them.


People don’t want education by paying huge exorbitant tuition fees; all they want is to be in the exclusive ‘literates’ club.


People don’t want cars, they only want the comfort, luxury, prestige, etc., that comes with owning a good car.


People don’t want refrigerators or freezers. All they’re after is to always get their drinks and beverages chilled to cool off the heat.


People don’t want to join a gym…all they want is to get in good shape. 


So, there are actually some reasons behind the demand your leads and customers have for your products or services.


I can go on to name up to about seventeen of such reasons, as stated by the great advertiser and copywriter, Benjamin Hart…which I’ll nonetheless do in a moment…


Yet, I’ll further on show you a chief reason that stands out at the backbone of every other reason your leads and customers have for demanding your products or services.


Let’s go… 



  1. Fear



People buy because they fear getting old, fear going broke, fear being left behind.


They fear being left out.


They fear death.


They fear getting sick, fear going to Hell, fear being alone.


They fear the young people gaining power, or they fear the old people retaining power.


They fear the Umbrella party or the Broom party gaining power.


They fear life is meaningless.


They fear failure.


They fear their kids won’t amount to anything.


They fear being insignificant, not leaving a mark.


Fear comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms.


Fear is a powerful motivator causing people to buy.



  1. Desire to be recognized



People buy because they want honour and prestige.


They want recognition.


They want to be set apart from the crowd.


They want to be part of an exclusive, prestigious club.


They want fame.



  1. Greed



Just about everyone wants more money.


No matter how rich someone is, they always want more.


Even billionaires want more, not because they need it, just because they want it.


They want more than the other billionaire has.


Bill Gates has not stopped trying to make more money even though he’s the second richest man in the world.


Jeff Bezos still wants more because he wants to stay the richest.



  1. Love



Love is a powerful motivator to buy.


What other motive can there be for buying life insurance?


People want to make sure their children have the best and that their loved ones are taken care of.



  1. Self-improvement



People always want to improve themselves.


They join a gym to get in shape.


They sign up for a seminar to learn something that will help them get ahead.


“How To” manuals are some of the best-selling books on Amazon.



  1. Desire to win



There’s a strong competitive instinct in most people.


People just flat-out want to win at games, at sports, at business, at love, and in life.


No one wants to be called a “Loser.”


No one celebrates “failure” or “loss”.


People want to be the best.


They want the recognition that goes with winning, or they just want the satisfaction of knowing they are the best at something. 


It’s not enough for Tiger Woods to be the best golfer in the world.


He now wants to be the best golfer of all time.


Does he want to win because he wants more fame or more money?


Does winning make him feel superior to other people?


I don’t think so.


I think he is someone who sets a goal and then just wants to achieve it.


He’s a perfectionist.


He feels he can always do better.


The desire to win will cause people to buy the best equipment, get the best teacher, and buy the best books and videos on the subject.


We want our kids to win.


We want our teams to win.


The innate desire most of us have to win fuels the sports industry and much of our economy.



  1. Comfort



People want comfort.


They want a comfortable bed, a comfortable chair, a comfortable car, comfortable shoes, and comfortable clothes.


People want a Jacuzzi.


We want pain relievers even for the most minor pains, just to make ourselves more comfortable.


We want larger and more comfortable rooms.


Human beings seem to be on a never-ending quest for more and more comfort.



  1. Laziness



Sure, people want to improve themselves, and they want to win, and they want to make more money . . . but only if it’s easy.


People are lazy.


That’s why you don’t see many sales pitches that highlight how hard you must work to achieve the results being advertised.


You will see beautiful people sitting on the exercise equipment and talking more often than we see them actually use it.


People want the results without the work.


“Lose 10 pounds in 30 days with no dieting or exercise. Just take this pill.”


That’s the basic pitch.



  1. Quest for a great experience



People want great experiences they will remember for the rest of their lives.


They want travel experiences, educational experiences, family outings, parties, vacations, barbecues, great food at great restaurants, and good movies to watch.


They want exciting experiences, relaxing experiences, social experiences, and entertainment experiences.


People want shared experiences with loved ones.


The travel and entertainment industry is all about creating and selling memorable experiences.



  1. Sex



People want more sex and better sex.


People want sex, period.


People want to be more attractive and sexier.


Sex is everywhere in advertising, movies, and entertainment.


Sometimes it’s in the open, sometimes implied.


The mere mention of the word “sex” draws immediate and riveted attention.



  1. The desire for relationships



People want friends.


People want dates.


People want romance.


People want to get married.


People want to be connected to other people.


People want to be part of a community.


Dating sites are among the most popular on the Internet.


People want to improve their relationships with their children and with their spouse.


When a relationship breaks up, it’s painful.


When a relationship starts, it’s exciting.


Most people do not want to be alone in the world.



  1. Anger



Anger can be a very strong motivator.


People send money to the Youth’s Party because they are angry at the Old People’s Party.


People send money to the Old People’s Party because they are angry at the Youth’s Party.


People hire a lawyer to sue someone because they are angry.


Following the 9/11 terrorist attack on America; people bought flags and decals not just out of patriotism, but also to show their anger at the terrorists.


That was certainly justified anger.


Anger makes people want to strike back and fight, even go to war.



Let’s conclude this topic in the second part of this post…watch out!  


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