The Day I found out that the Traditional “Opt-In Bribe” or “Lead Magnet” of a thing is a Complete Bull-Shit!



I know a lot of the so-called “Gurus” would want to hang me up for this … but I’ll still say it no matter what.


The era of the traditional “opt-in bribe” or “lead magnet” is fast fading away.


Personally, I see it a total waste of time because it only brings in leads that want to squeeze freebies out of you!


It won’t bring qualified leads for your business.


The guy who first taught me Internet Marketing years back use it on his website, but I never come across his website home page, not to talk of even seeing or knowing his “opt-in bribe” or “lead magnet” before I bought his course!


And subsequently thereafter, all those I’ve bought their training programs like Todd Brown of “” or Ryan Lévesque of the “Ask Method” innovation don’t even have anything of a sort on their websites!


And a lot of other marketers are going to them for mentor-ship and training!


Yet, they’re making their cool money without even using the traditional “opt-in bribe” or “lead magnet”!


Now, someone might want to ask, “How then do they get leads or prospects without using an opt-in bribe or lead magnet?


Well, that’s where we separate the Boys from the Men in Internet Marketing … that’s where the Advanced Marketers differ from the Newbies!


I mentioned how the Advanced Marketers effectively get customers in my other post, a method that enables them to easily recoup the cost they incur on adverts.


The Advanced Internet Marketers DON’T go about looking for free traffic … they pay to get the targeted and quality traffic they need for their business funnels.


They’d have before then set up a sound funnel to run the prospects through which would no matter what enable them to first recover their adverts spending, and then further on go on to  make good profits with their funnels.


That’s the way the Advanced Internet Marketers get the work done, that the Newbies don’t know!


Now, you might want to think aloud, “can I still use this method with cold traffic?”, I will say, “Heck, Yes!”


The class of leads I actually have in mind is even those cold leads that don’t even know our business before.


It all burns down to how you set up your funnel, if your funnel is sound and convert-intensive, then there should never be a problem recovering back your adverts costs from even your cold traffic!


The qualities of your offer, your testimonials, your marketing message, your lead message, etc., are all what would do the wonders.


Most of those sites that offer those freebies called “opt-in bribes” or “lead magnets” don’t ever make a sale off of me, I always wait for the next time that they’d send out another free guide, because that’s what they’ve trained me to always expect from  them.


And that’s how your customers too view things.


The moment you show them you only have quality offers for them, but at a premium (not for free), on even at just the initial encounter with them, they’d by then have been trained to know that they can only get quality service from you, by paying, not by freeloading!


Now, some folks would want to point to me, and call me “stingy” for this kind of reasoning.


To answer such people, I will ask, “How many opt-in bribes or lead magnets have you downloaded on e-commerce sites before making purchases from them?”


You’ll notice there’re none.


So, if there’re none, why do you still buy from them?


It’s simple.


As human, we don’t buy because of pity, we buy because of some perceived value that we intend to get with our purchase.


No one will pity you and buy from you because you’ve previously given them a freebie, they’d simply buy from you out of some perception that they’d get some value with what they’re buying.


All that being said, nonetheless, it’s worthy of note that this view is not to totally negate the offering of freebies on your website … well, you can continue to do that via your blog articles.


You can continue to give prospects and customers free tips and tricks via your blog, but not at least through the medium of the “opt-in bribe” or “lead magnet”.


Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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