Three Essential Rules to Help You Step Up Your Marketing Game



The difference between the results the A-Level marketers and the average marketers get from their marketing is in how they do things.


How they carry out their marketing… 


How they attract prospects, leads, and customers…


…and how they seek to monetize them.


If you want to start getting regular and consistent sales and conversions just like the A-List marketers, you might want to start inculcating the following rules in your marketing right away…



Rule #1

Frequent contact is essential.


I think the question most often asked by business owners is this: “Won’t my customers get sick of me if I keep contacting them all the time — with my monthly newsletter, with email, with direct mail, with “Thank Yous”, with free gifts, with holiday cards, etc.?”


My answer?


An emphatic, “NO! Not if what you have to say is interesting and of interest to your customer.”


People never get sick of learning something new.


This is marketing by educating.


The need for frequent regular contact is also Marketing 101.


It’s absolutely essential.


Does Nike stop running ads because we’ve already seen a Nike ad this month?




Nike pounds our brain relentlessly, every day.


So do all the big consumer brands — Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Dell.


Professional marketers know that you must see an ad at least 20 times before it makes any impression on your brain.


We know that it’s hard work to carve out a niche in someone’s brain.


McDonald’s knows that the minute it pulls its ads off the air, fewer people come into their restaurants.


If McDonald’s stopped advertising for a year and if a competitor advertised like McDonald’s, McDonald’s would lose much of its market share to such competitor. 


It’s hard to imagine, but McDonald’s would pretty well disappear as a brand in people’s minds if it were to stop advertising.


Howard Johnson’s was the McDonald’s of its day in the 1950s and 1960s.


Everyone used to go to Howard Johnson’s for a burger and a shake.


And, frankly, the food and shakes were a whole lot better than McDonald’s.


But McDonald’s is a marketing machine.


So Howard Johnson’s fell off the pace.


Relentless, mind-pounding repetition is the key to effective marketing.


Don’t assume your customers know who you are just because they received a mailing, an email, or bought from you once.


But your marketing must always be interesting to grab and hold the attention of your audience.


That’s where your brainpower must come in.



Rule #2

If it’s working, keep doing it. Don’t change.


With all your marketing, you’ll be testing and tracking your results.


You’ll be testing sources, lists, advertising media, headlines, offers, benefits, and other aspects of your message along with graphics and packaging.


So here’s the key…


When you find something that’s working for you, keeping doing it over and over again…


It’s amazing how many marketers and business owners just mail once, even if the mailing is an astonishing success.


If your special report, your Consumer Protection Guide, your newsletter, your postcard, your direct mail letter, or your direct response ad is working, keep doing it for God’s sake!


If you find something that works, keep doing it until it stops working.


Meanwhile, test other messages and approaches.


Soon you’ll have an entire arsenal of letters you can mail to your customers and prospects.


On the other hand, if your marketing is not working, if it’s not bringing in immediate business, stop doing it immediately and try something else.


Don’t believe those who tell you to run an ad that gets no response over and over again.


Don’t believe those who tell you it often takes a long time for an ad to work.  


That’s the Madison Avenue approach.


But you and I – as small businesses as we are – don’t have enough money to conduct saturation advertising and hope that your ads work someday.


Your ads must work now, not later.


If your ads, your direct mail, or your Internet marketing campaigns aren’t bringing in instant business, stop doing what you are doing immediately; and find a message, a product, an offer and an advertising tool that does bring in instant leads and customers.


If you can’t hit your target without always getting it all wrong, don’t keep doing what you are doing.




Change your technique.


Change your approach.


Try something else.


Find a direct marketing expert to help you analyze what you are doing wrong.



Rule #3

If you try it and it doesn’t work, you’re doing it wrong.


Often I hear people say, “direct mail marketing does not work,” or “Internet marketing does not work for me,” or “advertising on Facebook or Google does not work.”


To say these methods don’t work just means you’re doing something wrong.


Don’t tell me direct mail marketing doesn’t work.


It clearly works, or you and I would not see so much of it in our email inbox and mailboxes.


If Internet marketing did not work, if TV ads did not work, if radio ads did not work, if postcards and newsletters did not work, if the Facebook ads or Google ads did not work, people would stop using these media.


All these media and methods work.


To say they don’t work is like saying planes don’t work because some crash.


All these marketing media and methods are powerful tools.


But you must use the tools correctly.


You must learn how to use the tools.


You must learn what the tools are supposed to do and what situations and circumstances fit the tools you select.


Please never tell me these tools don’t work.


They clearly do work.


Make it your mission to learn how to use them correctly. 




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