Can you make a financial breakthrough for yourself in 2018 with WordPress website designing?


Do you know that with a laptop, a good source of internet, and adequate proper guidance, you can set up a regular business on website designing?


It’s that easy!



Hey Friend,


I’m Taofeeq Azeez


And in this brief note, I’m going to show you an easy way to financial freedom come 2018 – if you wanted to.


Needless to tell you how hard it has been making ends meet for a lot of people…


…and for some of those with a job, they’ve probably been working their asses off – 9 to 5 daily…


…a situation not so different from neo-slavery – when someone works hard, tirelessly, making a living out of the job, only to further repeatedly spend that living (good food, clothes, etc.) on the job again …


…in a merry-go-round system of a thing!


A lot of people going through all these could be saved…only if they know the way out.


…with just a laptop, a good source of internet…plus a proper guidance I’m going to show you in a moment from now, you can change your life for the better – but ONLY IF you wanted to!


I started working online since 2014…started building and rebuilding websites for myself and my clients…


…and right now, a website construction job costs not less than $100 (#40,000)




I’ve built websites for clients in industries like …money making…travelling agencies…books authoring…web applications, etc.


These are all what you can do too…if you have the right tools, and you can easily read instructions in English language.



So, what then do you need to get started?



Website designing is one of the most simple but unnoticed ways of making money online.


Actually, initially, it used to be difficult…


…when you have to learn how to code before you can move a thing…


…but nowadays, it has been made more than easy – in so far as you can read grammatical instructions, you can do it…


…because it’s now more of a drag and drop system.


And it is a cool way of making money because, per hour, you can make an average of $30 (#12,000), since it takes you just about 15 minutes to quickly set one up and running.


All what you need are:

  1. A very good laptop to work with.
  2. A very good source of internet to be able to use certain online services.
  3. The right guide to save you wasted costs.


The first and second items above are well-known and need no further clarifications.


As for the third, to make things extremely easy for you, I’ve gathered all what has enabled me to build…


…money-making WordPress websites for myself and my clients in not less than 3 years (36 full months) of experience in the Digital Direct Marketing industry…


…together into a compact PDF training guide I called, “The Secrets of Rockin’ Websites”.



It is about this training material, that my friend and colleague, Emmanuel Aniekan (pen name, Cyrus Jackson), who blogs at says the below…



The practical and detailed knowledge I exposed in this over 120 pages PDF training material is what I’ve constantly used…


…to make myself relevant and still moving in the Digital Direct Response Marketing business since 2014 without quitting…


I make around $700 (#280,000) quarterly from building WordPress websites alone…asides other ways I make money online.


And this is something you too can start making right now from the first quarter of 2018…





You can literally make 2018 your best year ever!



Apart from the basic setup of your website, design, beautification, security, updating, backing up your website, and WTF, this PDF training guide as well discusses the following;


+ Some tips on how to optimize your site’s SEO – so that your site easily rank up on most search engines.


+ How to develop an easy contact system for your website – so that your visitors know that your website is reliable and safe to transact business with.


+ How to easily track visitors coming to your site – for you to know the pages they visit most, so that you can optimize those pages for better opt-ins and conversions in the future.


+ How to know if a link has gone outdated and no longer leads to where you want it to go, be it on your website or somewhere else – this will enable you to quickly amend and replace those links with new ones so that your website visitors don’t fall onto “error pages!” – falling on error pages may piss your website visitors off your website.


+ The “Advanced Hacker Stoppers” you should start using on your website right NOW – in order to keep those “GOOD-FOR-NOTHING” Hackers away from your site.


+ How to easily make up your email list – a list that is both highly responsive and that brings you many conversions and sales!


+ How to regularly SCAN your site for possible malware, blacklisting status, website errors, and out-of-date software.


+ How to often check for your website’s online status – so that you know the level of reputation your website has on the internet. (NOTE: Some of your customers will most probably do this for themselves before buying from you).


+ Places you shouldn’t go on your website if you don’t want to screw everything up!


+ How to recover if you accidentally got hacked.


+ How to track and fix your website’s weaknesses, as well as identifying opportunities to get ahead of your industry’s competition.


+ And lots LOTS MORE…


You’ll not want to miss out on all of that!



Now, how then can you get my highly productive “The Secrets of Rockin’ Websites”?



I’m a huge fan of making things and life generally extremely easy for people.


My “The Secrets of Rockin’ Websites” normally and regularly costs between $7.5 to $12.5 (that’s, #3,000 to #5,000)…based on the context.


But, in this festive season alone, I’m giving out my own huge discount too…a 60% off!


…and you can pay just $5 (# 2,000) to instantly grab your copy of “The Secrets of Rockin’ Websites”!


Just $5 (#2,000) and you could start a business in 2018 that regularly brings in around $250 (#100,000) on a monthly basis


…more work = more pay…that’s it!


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…and your smart copy of “The Secrets of Rockin’ Websites” compact PDF training material would be instantly sent to you within just 30 minutes.


Thank you.




Taofeeq 🙂




My “The Secrets of Rockin’ Websites” compact PDF training guide can show you…


…all what you need to know setting up a business around building and designing WordPress websites that could bring you around $250 (#100,000) regular monthly income


…and you could go on to make 2018 your best year ever!


The training material regularly costs $12.5 (#5,000)


…but you can get it today in this festive period for just $5 (#2,000)!


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